English? Everybody speaks English…somehow…. Somehow?! That´s  the point! We, as English teachers at the Max-Delbrück-Gymnasium, naturally work on turning `somehow´ into `very well´.

Of course, we teach speaking/listening/reading/writing and mediating to make our students improve. As it is the first foreign language at our school, we offer English class from 7th grade on until the very end, meaning: Abitur. Our 7th and 8th graders have half-class lessons for more intense work and support.

 In principle, it is also important to us that our students gain confidence in their own language abilities. Therefore, we continuously work on making (extra-) curricular offers. Like reading? Why not join The Fantastic World of Reading class in grade 8 (Profilierungskurs). Interested in politics? So let´s chat with students from Greece, Iceland and Sweden about politics and digitalisation in the class Speaking English! Making friends! Discussing our digital life!  in grade 9. Love speaking English and meeting people? Then participate in our student exchange in grade 9/10 with schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After all, we want to show English as it is in today´s world: one of the most important languages that everybody speaks…somehow….

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