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The Black Experience


Robotics: different fields of application


Thema: Short Story LK Q1.

Autorin: Marieke Ebert

She liked staying out late, she can’t even really describe it, but at night everything feels different. The people, the streets, the light, her thoughts. Everything that is important in the daylight gets more irrelevant for her, almost forgotten, even though she knows it will come back in the morning, maybe even worse after displacing it out of her mind. Having a good time with her friends during the nighttime can make everything a little better, and today was no difference. It was a fun night for her, until now, because now it ends, and she drives home alone and deal with her mind and thoughts. Now she and her friends walk to their cars, the music of the disco slowly fading away, drowned out by the clicking of their shoes. After saying goodbye to her friends, she starts walking over to her car, while feeling some sort of uneasiness overcoming her. She hates this known feeling of worry. She lets the cold air surrounding her flow into her lungs, while she strongly breathes in and out, as she tries to take a minute, before deciding she should get home.

Suddenly, her whole body fills with panic, when she realizes she can not find her phone in her purse. She trembles while struggling to get the car keys in hope she might have  forgotten it in her car. After unlocking the car, she searches the seats and the floor of her car in concern, her phone is nowhere found. Her panic starts getting worse until it changes to amazement, because the sound of muffled ringing gets to her ears. „It has to be in the car” she starts wondering, then her mind gets to the solution of her problem. “I haven’t checked the boot yet” she mumbles hopefully. There it was her phone, she couldn’t remember putting it there at all, but all that mattered was that she didn’t lose it and everything important she had on there. Without bothering to look at the caller ID, she frantically picked up her phone, still in the elated moment. “Hello! “. Only the silence answered her. “Hello, Who’s there”. Nothing again, she could only hear a faint murmur like a radio tuned without a channel. “Excuse me, I can’t hear you if you are talking” she murmured unsure and slightly anxious. Nothing. “I- I’m hanging up now. Bye”. She hung up the phone and after a few moments the shock started to settle down, and she became aware of the cold air around her. Truly freezing, she hurried to get into her car and drive home, looking forward to the save feeling of her apartment. She drove home as fast as she could and managed it without an accident, resulting from the streets close to being empty. When reaching her street, her mind wouldn’t stop circling around what had just happened to her. To make sure everything really happened, and she didn’t imagine all of it, she went to check on her phone. The call did really happen, the not even a minute-long phone call did happen, but the disturbing thing was the number which called her. It wasn’t a blocked or unknown number, she had saved that number, it was her mother’s number who had passed away a month ago, whose phone was at her apartment with all of her mother’s stuff.