Keeping up with the Delbrücks

Liebe Schüler*innen und Kolleg*innen des MDG,
Ihr habt Post aus Californien! Max Delbrücks ältere Tochter Niki schreibt und gibt ein Update zu ihrem Leben. Außerdem schickt sie ein Foto, auf dem Max im Jahr 1965 eine Maske trägt – lest bitte selbst.

Dear students of the Max-Delbrück-Gymnasium, here is a short update from our lives in California. 

Between the effects of Covid worldwide and the political turmoil in our USA, it has been a tumultuous year. We were fortunate personally to have had a good 2020 in spite of all that went awry in the world. In some ways we are even enjoying being forced to lead a quieter life close to home. We have come to appreciate the things that we can do, like walk in the park with a few close friends.

It was a big adjustment at first to bring everything home and teach online. I miss seeing “real” people, but am so grateful for ZOOM – for work and social life too. How do you feel about being students online? I imagine that you are also very familiar with Zoom. Do you use Canvas for your teaching and learning as well? 

Niki and Lara by our Pasadena home in 2020
My father Max reads stories to his children, about 1965. I think his mask is part of the story?!

Our daughter Lara is in Los Angeles where the virus is particularly bad right now. The hospitals are full and ambulances drive around trying to find a bed for their sick patients. Our niece Lina is a doctor near LA and she tells us they are quite overwhelmed. 

The rest of Max Delbruck’s children and grandchildren are all locked down somewhere. We have started playing Poker online together from around the world – Switzerland to Mexico City to Japan to California – and it is a fun way to stay in touch.

I also have the best collection of face masks – one for every outfit.